About Us

The Richard and Cynthia Zirinsky Center for Bipolar Disorder is dedicated to the compassionate support, treatment and understanding of bipolar illness within the context of the family. Bipolar disorder is a chronic diagnosis and we believe that preserving family health and stability is an essential part of successful and lasting treatment.
The Bipolar Specialists™ at the Zirinsky Center encourage and facilitate open communication between our patients and their loved ones throughout the course of treatment. To achieve this, we use the Family-Inclusive Treatment (FIT) model, which is designed to include family members, partners, and other support-persons at every step of the way on our clients' road to wellness.

Family Inclusive Treatment (FIT)

Led by the Zirinsky Center's Bipolar Specialists, FIT encourages and facilitates open family communication about the signs and symptoms of bipolar illness, as well as the treatment process and subsequent care.
Together with therapy and medication management, the Bipolar Specialists work to create an environment that minimizes, as much as possible, the impact of bipolar disorder both on the affected individuals and their close loved ones.

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Our Services

Our center offers a variety of services, both for patients and their treatment partners. Please follow the links below for a more detailed description of each one.
Evaluations are offered to individuals who are interested in joining the Zirinsky Center for treatment of their bipolar disorder, as well as to anyone who is unsure of their diagnosis and is looking for an expert opinion to determine if they have bipolar disorder.
The Zirinsky Center offers short or long-term treatment, delivered by a team of Bipolar Specialists, that involves the client and at least one client-selected treatment partner.
Practical Accelerated Couple's Therapy is geared at couples in which one or both partners have bipolar disorder.

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